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Snowplowing Geneva IL

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During the cold winter season in Illinois it is essential to have a dependable snow removal contractor on your side. A Snowplowing Geneva IL service to assure your customers, employees and passersby enjoy safe, reliable access to your location. With K&M’s fleet of plows and snow removal equipment, we’ll keep your commercial site consistently accessible. You can count on us to clear snow and ice promptly from your site as needed all winter long.

Our main snow removal services for residential or commercial customers include:

-Snowplowing. We’ll clear your driveways, parking lots and access roads.
-Snow hauling/removal.
-Sidewalk clearing.

Dependable and with a dedication to excellent customer care. Call us today to learn more and book affordable Snowplowing Geneva IL for this winter.

A Few Safety Tips Regarding Motorists and Snowplows

Winter weather can be tricky in Illinois. That’s why preparation is a big part of staying safe when driving. Throughout the wintertime, particularly during challenging conditions, motorists must practice standard winter driving abilities. Also, add some extra time to their travel schedules

-When it comes to driving in the winter time, motorists are smart to slow down. In addition to travelling at a lower speed, slower acceleration as well as steering and braking are advisable.
-Put down your mobile device. Not only is this a safe issue, it is also the law in the state of Illinois.
-Watch for patches of black ice on roadways. Certainly, black ice can be very hazardous.
-Be especially cautions when approaching exit ramps, intersections and bridges. All these are prone to dangerous icing.

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-Only travel in bad weather conditions unless it is necessary. When you must make a trip, check the current weather forecast. Additionally, inform someone of your route and when you are departing. Consider using public transportation if it is a possibility.
-Put together an emergency travel kit for vehicle. It should contain jumper cables, reflectors and emergency flares. Also, windshield fluid, an ice scraper, blankets, non-perishable foodstuffs and a first-aid kit.
-Bring your cell phone and a charger in case of an emergency.
-Slow down, move over for emergency, maintenance and construction vehicles.
-Use caution when driving near or behind a plow. They generally travel below posted speed limits, which, naturally, is more effective for clearing street. The snowplow operator’s field of vision – particularly what they can see behind the truck – is limited. The operator relies upon mirrors to view the side and rear of the truck.
-When driving in winter in both night and daytime, switch on your headlights and always wear your safety belt.
-Turn your cruise control off.
-Travel at lower speeds than you typically do. Allow five car lengths at least in between your vehicle and a snowplow.
-Remain a safe following distance behind a snowplow. The space behind a plow is generally safer to drive upon.
– Watch out for snowplows that exit or turn frequently. Plows may sometimes do so with little advance warning.
-Do not drive into a “snow cloud.”

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Why Snow Removal is Important for Both Residential and Commercial Properties

-Prompt snow removal equals convenience. Clearing a driveway or parking area of snow simply makes life a lot easier for anyone visiting your home or business. Particularly when they must leave home for work or school at an early hour. Efficient snow removal means no worries over wearing boots or getting your shoes wet. In addition, snow removal helps avoid risk of slip and fall injuries due to wet snow and ice. Plus, it prevents vehicles from skidding while exiting or arriving at your location.

-Lowers risk of accidents. Without a doubt, safety is an obvious benefit to efficient, dependable Snowplowing Geneva IL. Clear, salted sidewalks, driveways and parking lots mean much less risk of fender-benders or slip-and-falls.

-Snow removal is good for the whole neighborhood. With prompt, reliable snow removal for your driveway and sidewalks, your neighbors will tend to appreciate the effort. gesture since they will be able to step out without slipping on the ice. They’ll find it a lot easier to move out their vehicles and enter or exit the house. Any guests or customers visiting you will not have to endure the additional hassle of trudging through deep, wet snow.

-Avoid risk of litigation. The potential exposure to lawsuits is another reason why so snow removal is important. There are some communities with rules that view homeowners as responsible for the snow upon their sidewalks and driveway. In the event someone slips on ice or snow outside your home, you might be at risk of a lawsuit. Dependable Snowplowing Geneva IL can help protect you against that risk.

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Below are a few of the main advantages of hiring our professional snow removal and Snowplowing Geneva IL services. Whether we clear snow from your residential or commercial property, we’re confident you’ll be happy with K&M!

-Reduces your ongoing responsibilities for commercial driveways and parking areas. Among the main concerns for property managers after each snowfall is clearing the parking areas. Also, clearing sidewalks and entryways that customers and employees need.

When it comes to residential properties, it’s reliable snow removal is critical for keeping family members safe. After all, slippery surfaces present a hazard to just about anyone of any age.

An entryway or parking lot that is covered in snow is a stressful sight for business owners. With
professional, reliable snow removal for your commercial site, there’s no more worries. Our experienced Snowplowing Geneva IL crew will have your surfaces clear as soon as possible following a snowfall.

-Saves money on equipment. In addition to snowplows, snow removal also involves equipment like snow throwers, Bobcats, shovels and de-icer. That can get pretty expensive, in addition to time-consuming because of the maintenance of the vehicles. When you hire a reliable contractor like K&M for snow removal, you’ll have no concerns over equipment!

-Avoid risk of injuries. Shoveling is a pretty routine activity for many Illinois residents. In fact, shoveling can actual provide good exercise for those who are adequately fit. However, the mix of heavy exercise and cold can be dangerous for older people or those with a heart condition. Additionally, shoveling snow can be hazardous for those with high blood pressure, smokers or people who are significantly overweight. Many people also suffer back injuries from improper shoveling techniques or from shoveling too fast.

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Call K&M for more information on professional Snowplowing Geneva IL.

Snow removal contractors utilize the best equipment for safe, effective removal of snow and ice.
The quality equipment our team uses allows for clearing of driveways, sidewalks and parking areas without damaging to your landscaping. By counting on K&M for snow removal, you’ll gain confidence knowing your surfaces are safe for family, visitors and pets.

Whether you have a residential driveway or a large parking lot at your business, count on K&M. We’re experts at fast snow removal that won’t leave you or your customers out in the cold!