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Concrete Pool Decks

Commercial Concrete Pool Decks are decorative concrete pool decks that offer an inviting, multipurpose area surrounding the pool where people can entertain, sunbathe or just hang out when they aren’t in the water. Statistically pool patrons spend more time on the pool decks than in the pool itself.

Commercial Concrete Pool Decks in Illinois are some of the most used in the continental U.S. because it is so expensive to maintain a pool in the Midwest so people join aquatic association for pool use. A quarter of the patrons on a commercial concrete pool deck are there primarily for swimming. The other 75% are there to socialize and sun tan which makes a professionally done Commercial Concrete Pool Deck more essential as an element in a swimming pool designed for heavy traffic.

Concrete Pool Decks


Residential Concrete Pool Decks are becoming more and more common over decks because of the low maintenance and cost. Decorative residential concrete pool decks have opened the door to creating pool decks that complement the exterior of the home, blend with the surrounding environment, and replicate what more expensive materials such as slate, stone or even wood can convey.

Pools are becoming more specialized with a stronger emphasis on aesthetics, transforming a residential concrete pool deck may still look and function like a patio, however pool decks come with unique requirements for slip resistance, sun reflectivity and orientation for safety and insurance issues. Contact K&M Concrete Today to get more information about getting your Concrete Pool Deck.

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