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Snowplowing Batavia IL

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Why You Should Hire a Professional Snow Removal Service

While snowfalls can be visually pleasant especially during the holidays, it can also be hazardous. Trying to plow or shovel snow without proper experience and safety gear can increase risk of injury. Rather than taking on the time-consuming, physically demanding task on your own, count on K&M for Snowplowing Batavia IL. We use the best equipment and follow safe practices to promptly clear snow from your driveway, parking areas and sidewalks.

-The right equipment for efficient snow removal. K&M uses a fleet of well-maintained, quality plows to clear snow for our customers. Additionally, we utilize equipment that enables us to clear sidewalks, walkways and other surfaces without resulting in damages to landscaping. Batavia homeowners can have confidence knowing we’ll clear their surfaces of snow, making them safe for their household.

-A dependable snow removal service actually begins working before the snow starts to fall. Our team will visit your location to assess the property so we’ll know which type of equipment we’ll need. With our dependable Snowplowing Batavia IL solutions, you won’t need to worry about slipping on driveways or sidewalks this winter.

-It’s simply safer for Batavia homeowners to trust their snow removal needs to the experts. Certainly, attempting to clear your driveway on your own increases risk of back pain along with slip and fall injuries. There’s no reason for homeowners to risk getting hurt while shoveling snow. Rely on the professionals this winter! K&M will be there for you all winter long with affordable Snowplowing Batavia IL.

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Preparing Your Home for Winter

-Invest in basic snow removal tools. Owning a few basic snow clearing tools is a must for any Batavia homeowner. Make sure you have a sturdy snow shovel handy so you can clear a pathway on short notice if necessary. Also, stock up on quality rock salt to prevent hazardous ice from forming on your sidewalk or other other surfaces.

-Insulate your Batavia home

Before winter arrives, take a look at the insulation in your home. Without a doubt, adequate insulation is essential for maintaining a safe home environment. Another useful tip is to cover your home’s windows with plastic. This can be effective for preventing icy air from flowing inside. Most hardware outlets carry window insulation kits at affordable pricing.

-If you’re going to shovel, timing is important. A common snow removal error is choosing the wrong time to shovel snow. Either they start too soon or wait too long. Typically, you’ll want to wait for the snowfall stops or until plows clear your street. However, waiting for the snowfall to end isn’t always realistic. If the snow gets too deep it’s difficult to clear and can put you at risk of over-exertion. That’s why it’s usually advisable to wait for plows to finish clearing your street. Plus, if you start shoveling while plows are active the snow may simply end up back on your driveway.

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–Alternate energy sources. During a severe winter storm, the chances of a power loss increase. Plus, heavy snow can mean it takes longer for utility companies to restore power. Consequently, it’s a good idea to prepare your home with other energy sources. For example, consider a backup generator and be sure to store a sufficient supply of firewood. Also, make sure you have some extra batteries, blankets, candles and nonperishable food items.

Ready for Winter: Tips for Preparing an Emergency Kit for Your Vehicle

Snow-covered, icy streets, lower visibility and freezing temperatures are all conditions that make driving risky. Without a doubt, it driving can even be hazardous during winter weather in Illinois. Winter brings a higher risk of motorists getting stranded in their vehicles, so it’s critical to dress warm.

Follow these tips to learn more about staying safe while driving and for preparing an emergency kit for your vehicle. First, it’s essential to exercise caution if driving in the following winter roadway conditions:

-Blizzards. The most hazardous of winter storms. Blizzards combine falling, drifting snowfall, high winds and minimal visibility. They can occur from just a few hours to many days.

-Heavy snowstorm. Large amounts of snow, naturally, impacts everyone on the road. When there’s a lot of snow in your local weather forecast, only travel if it is necessary.

-Freezing rain. This can result in icy roads, downed trees and power lines. Certainly, always stay away from downed power lines.

-Cold snaps. This refers to when temperatures fall quickly over a very brief time period, resulting in icy road conditions.

-High winds. They help create the road conditions that also occur during a blizzard. Strong winds cause drifting snow, lower visibility and wind chill.

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-Black ice. This is a thin layering of ice across the roads which are hard for motorists to see. Roads tend to freeze more rapidly in shady areas, upon bridges and overpasses when it is cold enough. These areas can stay frozen for hours even after sunrise.

-Slush. Wet and heavy snow results in slushy, dangerous roads. Slush often collects in the wheel wells of vehicles, which affects steering ability. Buses or large trucks can throw slush onto your car’s windshield. This leads to an abrupt restriction of visibility.

Driving in winter increases the risk of spinouts and accidents, which can result in stranding motorists. In the event you get stuck in your vehicle in a snowstorm, follow these useful tips.

-Remain calm and do not exit your vehicle. Your car provides a shelter against snow and freezing temperatures.

-Conserve your energy and try not to wear yourself out. It can be hazardous to try and shovel heavy snow in low temperatures.

-Open a window to allow a steady supply of fresh air to come in.

-Keep your engine off if possible. Be aware of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. In addition, confirm that snow is not obstructing your vehicle’s exhaust pipe.

-If you are able to do so, place a candle inside a large can for use as a heater.

-Switch on your vehicle’s warning lights or put out road flares to increase your visibility.

-Do not leave your headlights or four-way flashers on too long, which risks draining your car battery. Instead, use your ceiling light.

-Remain awake, try to move your feet, arms and hands to promote healthy circulation.

-Watch out for emergency response and other vehicles.

-Make sure your clothes remain dry. Wet clothes can risk a hazardous drop in body temperature.

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Always travel with winter safety and emergency gear in your vehicle. A standard vehicle emergency kit should include the following:

-Nonperishable food items like energy bars.

-Drinking water. Carry plastic water bottles that will not break in the event the water freezes.


-Extra clothes along with extra socks and shoes.

-A complete first aid kit.

-An ice scraper, shovel and snowbrush.

-A flashlight with fresh batteries.

-Up-to-date roadmaps.

Items to store in your vehicle’s trunk:

-Bags of salt, sand or cat litter.

-Windshield washer fluid and antifreeze.

-Towing rope.

-Jumper cables.

-A fire extinguisher.

-Road flares or warning lights.