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Concrete Pool Decks St. Charles IL

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Durability and flexibility for customizing colors and patterns make decorative concrete pool decking a popular choices with many Illinois homeowners. There are a few design issues to consider when it comes to installation of a Concrete Pool Decks St. Charles IL. The main issues are:

-The size of the deck, the total outdoor space to utilize and its shape it takes around the pool.
-Which activities for which you’ll be using the pool deck.
-The type of furniture and other items you’ll need to integrate with the deck. For example, a grilling/seating area or steps leading to the deck.

Of course, you’ll want your new Concrete Pool Decks St. Charles IL to complement the pool and the landscaping features of your house. There are a number of decorative options available for decks, including colors and textured finishing.

There are two general categories that pool decks typically fall into: poured concrete and manufactured pavers. Each offers durability and appealing style. Poured concrete, for instance, offers affordability and versatility for custom colors and patterns. Without a doubt, its style makes it a popular selection for the patio materials around residential pools.

Concrete is a blend of cement – which acts as a binding agent – along with water, sand and gravel. It sometimes contains additives to provide the concrete with specific properties to enhance workability.
Using a variety of techniques, our installers can apply a finish that’s smooth, textured or with a pattern.

Broom Finish
A popular, economical method of treating a Concrete Pool Decks St. Charles IL is a broom finish. While the poured concrete is setting, we use specially-made brooms to sweep across the surface. The motion creates a surface with an appealing texture. Another benefit is that the texture provides traction, which makes slip and falls less likely.

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However, there are also other options possible with broom finishing, such as scalloping or diamond shapes.

Concrete Pool Deck Colors
Whether your deck is textured or smooth, you can enhance its style with the addition of coloring to the concrete. Years ago, applying a waterproof, exterior paint was a typical method for coloring a concrete pool deck. Painting would be done after the concrete set. However, foot traffic would lead to wear and tear, causing paint to chip away and fade. Furthermore, paint can get quite slippery. Not surprisingly, paint is not a recommendation any longer for use on concrete decks. The much better method is to color the concrete. Typically, technicians add in coloring powders to the concrete as it is wet.

Blending color into the mix before pouring the pool deck assures even distribution. The end result is a uniform color that instantly enhances the deck’s appearance. With this practice, your deck will probably be a distinctive blend of the new color along with the natural gray shade of the concrete.

Our coloring charts can provide a reasonable prediction of the color range to expect for your pool deck.

Concrete Stamped Pool Decks

Concrete stamping is another effective technique for producing concrete pool decks with a unique appeal. With the use of specific molds, we can stamp patterns into the concrete as its wet. As a result, the surface will visually replicate the shapes of materials like stone, tile or brick. It’s a great way to improve a pool deck without the expense of those other materials.

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It can be a challenge selecting a color and stamp because there are multiple options available. A helpful guideline is to pick a color that matches the colors of the house’s exterior or landscaping. Also, consider the color of the pool and its tiles. Our experts can recommend a concrete stamping application that would be ideal for your pool deck.