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Concrete Entryways St. Charles IL

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Concrete Entryways for Your Business

The entryway to a business is usually the first thing that customers see as they arrive. It’s important that the entryway is welcoming, convenient and makes a positive first impression. K&M Concrete can install, repair or modify the entryway to your business. A concrete commercial entryway will not only look impressive, but will last for a long time will requiring minimal maintenance.

Concrete Entryways for Your Residence

Just like an appealing, functional entryway is important for a commercial location, it’s also beneficial for a residential property too. Especially for a residential property that’s for sale. Certainly, a residential entryway presents visitors with an initial impression of what the rest of the location is like.
A well-maintained, attractive Concrete Entryways St. Charles IL entices potential buyers into learning more about the property.

Why Concrete Entryways St. Charles IL is an Ideal Material for Driveways and Entryways

Parking lots and driveways wear down and deteriorate over time. That’s an unavoidable fact here in the Chicagoland area. The temperatures in winter fall below zero and then rise significantly as the seasons change. This nonstop cycle of freezing and thawing causes practically any surface to shift and form cracks. However, concrete tends to hold up better than asphalt.

Some of the benefits to concrete driveways and parking lots include:

Lower Lifespan Costs
The service lifespan of concrete driveways is approximately double that of asphalt driveways. Though the upfront cost of asphalt may be less, you’ll probably need to do it again in about 10 years. With a concrete driveway that receives maintenance, you can expect a service lifespan of 20 years or even much longer.

Improve Your Property’s Curb Appeal with a Concrete Driveway – Call K&M Concrete at 630-377-8800 – We Serve St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, Aurora, North Aurora and More

Less Upkeep
It’s simple to maintain concrete driveways or parking lots. Basically, all it takes is a thorough hosing down every few months. In addition, applying a sealant to a concrete surface prolongs its lifespan by shielding it against the elements. Even if you do not apply sealant, though, a concrete driveway still lasts significantly longer than asphalt. Another benefit to concrete is that it won’t degrade due to exposure to motor oil and other fluids.

A Versatile Material

Our team can stamp your concrete surface with imprints to make it resemble paver stones, rocks or other patterns. Or, we can add coloring agents to the concrete so it resembles your aesthetic preference. There are many possibilities! Each driveway or parking area is unique – particularly with respect to residential sites. Our team communicates with clients to create concrete surfaces that enhance their properties curb appeal.

-Heavy Load Capacity
Heavy loads are why roadways are made with concrete rather than asphalt. An asphalt surface is vulnerable to damage when heavy motor vehicles travel and park upon it. Even a bicycle kickstand is capable of denting an asphalt surface. Dolly wheels on trailers, for instance, must park on pads to avoid damaging an asphalt surface.

When you’re ready and after considering the benefits of a Concrete Entryways St. Charles IL for your home or business, contact K&M Concrete. We’ll schedule a time when we can discuss your Concrete Entryways St. Charles IL needs and provide you with a free estimate. Whether you need a new concrete driveway for your home or a parking lot for your business, depend on us. Our staff and technicians have many years of experience in best practices and techniques in the concrete industry. In addition to our expertise in the installation and repair of concrete surface, we also practice excellent customer care.