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Concrete Curb Work St. Charles IL

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Curb work is among the many concrete services available at K&M Concrete. It involves making forms and finishing to precise specification curb work while also maintaining a visually appealing project.

K&M Concrete can form curb work to tie seamlessly into existing concrete curbs or to replace a broken curb. Additionally, our team can pour new concrete curbs of practically any length. The possibilities are many when it comes to height, shape and color for finishes with concrete curbs. Some of the benefits to concrete curbs include:

-Improve property value with concrete curb appeal. Along with improving the aesthetic appeal of a home, new concrete curbs boost value for resale too.
-Customized concrete curbing serves to reduce the encroachment of weeds into your lawn and garden. A professionally installed curb wall keeps aggressive weeds at bay.
-A barrier against roots. If you permit your garden’s plants to overgrow, they’ll disperse their roots widely and create unsightly bulges in the walkway.

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Why should St. Charles IL homeowners consider installing concrete curbs? It’s beneficial for homeowners to maintain some form of edging to separate their lawn and garden. In years past, many property owners would use brick, wood, stone, plastic or heavy pre-cast concrete for edging and borders. Any of those options would require a lot of time and effort to prepare and install properly.
In addition, those edging materials are vulnerable to problems like wood rot, inconsistency and movement of stone or brick. Also, a common problem with conventional lawn edging is its rigid contour limitations and bland appearance. Garden owners would also need to consistently trim these areas to maintain an edge.

Improve your property with the efficiency and appeal of concrete curbs! Call K&M Concrete today.