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Concrete Colors and Patterns St. Charles IL

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Homeowners, designers and architects can choose from a wide variety of colors for new and existing concrete materials. Without a doubt, concrete is a versatile design option for exterior, interior and flatwork applications.

Our Concrete Colors and Patterns St. Charles IL, textures and stamping products are effective for a range of different applications. For example, residential, commercial, public areas, schools, retail plazas and more. K&M Concrete guarantees that we’ll complete our quality work in an efficient manner. From driveways and patios to walkways, each concrete job is distinct.

Before applying a pattern stamping instrument, our technicians dust an antiquing release across the surface of recently colored concrete flatwork. The release product prevents the instrument from getting stuck to the concrete. As the tech pulls the tool away from the surface, the release dust layers into the concrete’s textured surfaces. After sealing and washing, the differences in color between the concrete and the release agent results in an attractive look. The extra color provides the appearance of more depth.

The amount of release product can vary along with conditions at the work site. The end results can range in between the color of the base concrete to the color of the antiquing agent. Usually, the resulting color is in between. Because the antiquing agent mechanically bonds instead of chemically, the surface requires sealing and maintenance to retain its appearance.

The Durability of Concrete Colors and Patterns St. Charles IL

In addition to the many visual advantages colored concrete offers, it also provides the benefit of durability. Concrete Colors and Patterns St. Charles IL is a non-flexible, very tough material that is able to support heavier loads in comparison to asphalt. Because asphalt can flex, large trucks and other heavy vehicles can lead to ruts and other problems. With concrete, your surfaces will endure for much longer while also looking good!