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Breakout and Replace Flatwork St. Charles IL

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Breakout and Replace Flatwork is a solution for concrete surfaces with peeling, cracks, discoloration and uneven areas. These flaws are not only unappealing visually, but can present a tripping hazard too. K&M Concrete’s team can breakout and replace the flatwork on concrete surfaces and restore it back to good condition.
Concrete flatwork is basically a type of poured surface which moves upon a horizontal, flat plane. For example, a flatwork surface could be a walkway, a patio, a sidewalk or a driveway. Concrete is the material of choice for flatwork because it can take the form of an even, flat surface. Flatwork gets its form with a frame and also a sub base consisting of either aggregate rock or rebar. The sub base strengthens the concrete, preventing cracks from developing due to age and pressure.

First, concrete flatwork technicians section off and frame out the area where they’ll install the concrete feature. They create a wood frame that serves as a mold for pouring the concrete. Eventually, the mold is cut away. But it ensures pouring the concrete to the correct depth.

Affordable, Professional Concrete Contractor – K&M Concrete Breakout and Replace Flatwork St. Charles IL

Since founding our company in 1996, we apply our years of industry experience to providing excellent concrete services to our customers. We apply our knowledge-based concrete breakout solutions with care and close attention to the details.

We always communicate with our customers on each of our concrete breakout jobs. K&M provides dependable personal services that sets us apart from other concrete contractors. Your experience with our company and staff is important to us. Our dedication to customer care remains the same whether you’re a large commercial customers or an individual homeowner. If you’re ready to get started on your next concrete project, contact K&M Concrete today to set an appointment!